Sunday, April 8, 2012

Albums in Progress

Arrival of The BLUEst 

is written and the beats are selected just needs to be recorded

All  Starts In The Mind 

has a few songs written and recorded but all the trax are not written and all of the beats haven't been produced yet

Learning Experience

a album 4+ years in the making has the BLUEprint set but has to be written Produced and Recorded


 is in progress with a few songs written non recorded 

Alchemist Brew 

is in progress need more artists on it and need to produce a few more beats for it

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Music Websites

Grading music websites based on
Ease of navigattion
Music Management(Adding editing Deleting music)
Extras(Widgets social media stuff ect)
Free sevices
 then ima add my comments


Navigating 8/10

All of the functions this website has to offer is neatly organized and labeled well so you can get to the area you need to be with ease

Music Management: 5/10

Uploading one at a time is a hassle when trying to upload whole albums. But the actual naming and putting in information is simple.

Extras: 10/10

I have not come across a music website that has as many extras as Reverbnation. it connects to Facebook, Myspace, youtube, twitter, and blogspot with ease and there is a widget for everything, one for music one for videos one for shows ect. Plus all of the different services to help Reverbnation users promote their music is extensive. When it comes to extras Reverbnation is king

Free Sevices: 6/10

The basics such as uploading unlimited songs and promoting on social websites are free but the services for the advanced users such as publishing on sites such as amzon, itunes, uploading large files over 8mb require money but it is well worth it.


If you are serious about your music this is definitly the website for you. it has everything you would possibly need to help you become famous and recognized both on and off the internet. 

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Tru BLUE's Top 100 Albums (Incomplete)

Tru BLUE's Top 100 Albums

All albums have ben listened to by Tru BLUE and the order WILL BE determined by the percentage of the total album trax that Tru BLUE.

1. Doggystyle: Snoop Dogg

2. Restless: Xzibit

3. Nostalgia,Ultra: Frank Ocean

4. Friday Night Lights: J. Cole

5. New Amerikah: Part 1: Erykah Badu

6. Baduizm: Erikah Badu

7. My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy: Kanye West

8. The Chronic: Dr. Dre

9. The Blueprint: Jay-Z

10. The Black Album: Jay-Z

11. Blueprint 3: Jay-Z

12. Reasonable Doubt: Jay-Z

13. BLUE n Blac: Tru BLUE

14. Illmatic: Nas

15. God's Son: Nas

16. History: Our Place in his Story: Da TRUTH

17. Late registration: Kanye West

18. Food and Liquor: Lupe Fiasco

19. The Red Light District: Ludachris

20. The Big Picture: Big L

21. Lifestyes of the Poor and Dangerous: Big L

22. The Massacre: 50 Cent

23. Man vs. Machine: Xzibit

24. Ride or Die Vol. 1: Ruff Ryders

25. R&G Rhythm and Gangster: Snoop Dogg

26. Radical: Odd future

27. Ready to Die: B.I.G.

28. Earl: Earl Sweatshirt

29. New Amerikah: Part 2: Erykah Badu

30. Slim Shady LP: Eminem

31. Speaker Boxx/The Love Below: Outkast

32. Stankonia: Outkast

33. Supreme Clientele: Ghostface Killa

34. T.O.S. Terminate on Sight: G-Unit

35. Tha Blue Carpet Treatment: Snoop Dogg

36. Chicken and Beer: Ludacris

37. Dinner and A Movie: Brotha Lynch Hung

38. Can-I-Bus: Canibus

39. Bow Down: Westside Connection

40. Blueprint 2 TheGift and The Curse: Jay-Z

41. College Dropout: Kanye West

42. Watch The Throne: Jay-Z and Kanye West

43. Wu-tang Forever: Wu-Tang

44. Graduation: Kanye West

45. The Dynasty{Roc-La-Familia}: Jay-Z

46. American Gangster: Jay-Z

47. The Cool Lupe: Fiasco

48. The Great Depression: DMX

49. Foiled: BLUE October

50. The Marshall Mathers LP: Eminem

51. King: T.I.

52. It's Dark and Hell's Hot: DMX

53. Cole World Sidelined Story; J. Cole

54. Put It In Your Mouth: Akinyele

55. Light of The Sun: Jill Scott

56. Recession: Young Jeezy

57. T.I. Vs T.I.P.: T.I.

58. Bastard: Tyler, The Creator

59. Chocolate Factory: R. Kelly

60. The Ghetto Heisman: WC

61. Mama's Gun: Erykah Badu

62. Meiso: DJ Krush

63. More Fish: Ghostface Killa

64. Strictly Turntablized: DJ Krush

65. Preemptive Strike: DJ Shadow

66. Fishscale: Ghostface Killah -

67. The Faith: Da TRUTH

68. The Diary of Alicia Keys: Alicia Keys

69. Liquid Swords: GZA -

70. The Peoples Champ: Paul Wall -

71. Return To The 36 Chambers: Ol' Dirty Bastard-

72. Doctors Advocate: The Game

73. Kind of BLUE: Miles Davis

74. The Hunger For More: Lloyd Banks

75. The Hunger For More PT 2.: Lloyd Banks

76. Thug Motivation: Young Jeezy

77. The Marathon: Nipsey Hussle
78. My Way: Usher -

79. The W: Wu-Tang

80. Tical: Method Man

81. The Warm Up: J. Cole

82. There It Is: James Brown
83. Tical 0: The Prequel: Method Man
84. Urban Legend: T.I.

85. Weapons f Mass Destruction: Xzibit

86. Who Is Jill Scott; Words and Sounds Vol. 1: Jill Scott
87. Year Of The Dog.... Again: DMX
88. BlackendWhite: MellowHype

89. All I Feel: Ray J

90. BLUEstars: Pretty Ricky

91. Chronic 2001: Dr. Dre
92. Aquemni: outkast
93. As I Am: Alicia Keys

94. Bitches Brew: Miles Davis

95. Built Only Fr Cuban Linx: Raekwon

96. The Big Bang: Busta Rhymes

97. Joy: Isaac Hayes

98. Exclusive: Chris Brown

99. Rip The Jacker: Canibus

100. The Big Doe Rehab: Ghostface Killa- 15

Monday, September 26, 2011

One Up

One Up Clic To Listen

keep braggin keep swaggin
thinkin you ahead in da race 
but yu still laggin
my peoples are followin
and they are laughin
like Tru you could of done better 
then to battle this maggot

im harder lyrics are much farther
doctorate college graduate flow
you still readin auther

why bother you so out of ya league
im thrwin under hands 
and you still missin every swing

doc im cleanin cloccs 
cracin hundred mile roccs
ima heavy hitter
over ya head im seen by spoc
my music these days are on a globe trot

heard from chile to germany bottom to top
east to west im so blessed
i got a vial of holy water and a cross on my chest
GOd bless 

you poor fellow
you wiggle like jello
as i stand firm like a oak in da medow

im so confident, i spit so well
create songs faster then the speed of advil
ill kicc ya puppy stylye cruella devile

skin ya facade and see whats inside for real
i see a softy waitin to get robbed in a record deal

so keep ya 9-5 
thats the only way you goin to get by

I dont knw why you think you sicc like da flu boat
ill throw a placebo cure yu like the antedote

Your not dope just cuz yu got a beat by 99
you can spit on a dre beat froom 1999
and out of 100 time you will loose 99 times
oops i forgot add .9 
you won .1 cuzz of a few good lines
so its safe to say the winning title is mine
Im King BLUE 
goin against me is like tyranny the worst of crimes
punishable by death bullet in ya lyrical mind

© 2011 V2 Productions 

Friday, September 9, 2011

Fisher Price my first dissTrac

I have been wanting to say a few things to a couple artists and now I have done that. Listen Download and share One Sided (Challenge to Money Mitch and B.O.A.T.) hopefully they respond so I have I have a little competition really gettin into the Del music scene....chec the song out by scrolling down and looking for it or clic Reverbnation

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Where Is The Competition

What is Hip Hop with out a little competition? Soon I am going to take a little shot at a couple of Local (Milford,Delaware) artists and see if they really Hip Hop or just rappers.1 "Money Mitch"(Found on youtube) and "B.O.A.T."(Found on